My name is Sydney Rumohr and I started Oak to Coast in June 2018 in Scotland, UK. After successfully starting it as an online shop the first year, I closed it due to my emotional turmoil caused by divorce (come on we have all had a bad break up!) Luckily, I found my ground again after returning back to my home country of Canada and setting up camp in Victoria BC (a stunner of a city if you ask me). After witnessing the world gone mad during the crazy year of 2020, I noticed the uprise in online ordering and the negative impacts it has on the environment and local businesses.. it was there I decided to change my store to what I intentionally wanted it to be. Oak to Coast is now a travelling store in my gypsy camper van and will be popping up shop at some random locations around BC all summer long. Who said you can't be nomadic and still run a business? And if this year has taught us anything, it's that humans are resilient. Follow my instagram @oaktocoastvintage and keep an eye on when I could be popping up near you next. I will also be selling selected vintage at Suntrio Farm Retail outside Victoria BC in Saanichton all summer long.. so come pop bye and say a friendly hello (if I am not out harvesting yummy tomatoes).
-O A K  T O  C O A S T ♡